Chili Gallery – A Visual Heatwave

All the following pictures are from chili peppers I have grown myself in recent years. Unfortunately, I have very few pictures from my early days as a chili gardener because I didn’t have a digital camera at that time.

Season 2006

This year, I decided to grow Thai chilies, from the Capsicum annuum family. The plants are expected to reach a height of about 60cm and have a relatively hot taste. In terms of Scoville units, this translates to approximately 30,000 – 10,000 units.


Season 2005

The attempt to overwinter my 2004 habaneros and purchased rocotos was successful, but unfortunately, they didn’t survive the long period of cold weather, with frost still occurring in June, and my subsequent vacation. I will have to get my chilies from elsewhere this year. Greetings to Christian at this point.


Season 2004

Some habaneros (Caribbean Red) and Hungarian pointed peppers.
The year 2004 was a very successful chili year. The habaneros produced a really good harvest. The Hungarian peppers also did quite well after some initial difficulties. I decided to overwinter one of the habaneros to gain a little advantage next year.


Season 2003

Habanero Harvest (Caribbean Red)

The first year in which I tried to grow the habanero variant Caribbean Red. As it turned out, a very rewarding decision.

Season before 2003

  • Cayenne (heat level 6) during flowering with an immature green fruit.
  • Also, my chiltepin harvest (heat level 7-8)

Before 2003, I grew several chili varieties such as serrano, cayenne, chiltepin, and jalapeño. Unfortunately, I have very few and not particularly good pictures of them. Since I didn’t have a balcony at that time, I had to play the role of a bee and manually pollinate all the chilies myself. Especially with the chiltepin, this was a lot of fun due to its many small flowers.