Chili Resources – Spice Up Your Knowledge
Pepperworld offers a useful source for chili seeds and chili sauces (e.g., Vicious Vampire). You can also find a crash course for chili gardeners there.

Hot Chili Peppers Homepage
On the Hot Chili Peppers Homepage, you can find a lot of information about varieties, cultivation, pest control, etc.

Gärtnerei Gartenrot
A nursery for herbs, heirloom vegetables, and wild fruits. The assortment includes chilies and peppers, as well as other plants that complement chilies well in terms of flavor.

Chili Balkon
If you want to learn more about growing spicy things on a balcony, you’ll find it here. 😉
Here, you can find information about spicy chilies, fiery sauces, and delicious recipes from Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean.

Casa Loca
In this shop for chiliheads, you’ll find not only a wide variety of chili sauces but also exotic items like chili mustard or chili olives.

Many recipes and general information about food and drinks, including a comprehensive section dedicated to chili.

Blog about chili cultivation
A comprehensive blog where you can find tips and instructions for chili cultivation, sowing, and chili care. Moritz cultivates chilies with great joy and wants to share his experiences with you here!